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Franciane Belanger

Franciane has a Master’s Degree in Chemistry (organic chemistry, heterochemistry, molecular chemistry), Toulouse III University;
and a PhD in chemistry, Toulouse III University, for her work in organic chemistry, peptide synthesis and for the evaluation of potential drug.

During her career, she worked successively as a Research Assistant in the field of Chemistry of Natural products, Faculty of Pharmacy-IRD, Toulouse; as a R&D Engineer in Chemistry, SPCMIB Laboratory, Toulouse III University; as a R&D Engineer in Peptide Chemistry, University of Southampton, UK; and finally as a R&D Engineer in Chemistry – Biotechnology, INRA-TWB, Toulouse.

Franciane discovered the profession of Patent Engineer in a firm of industrial property attorney in Paris, then at Laboratoires Pierre Fabre in Castres. More recently, Franciane worked as an Industrial Property Engineer at the TTO Aquitaine Science Transfert in Bordeaux.

Contact : franciane.belanger@camus-lebkiri.com